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No adjustments to prior purchases. Prices subject to change without notice. Products subject to availability. Sticking to Internet fandom, the least we can do is start by sponsoring some legal digital outlets where you can often save money via subscriptions vs. Marvel and DC through comiXology are available online and on your devices thanks to specific iPhone and iPad applications that keep your mutant vs.

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You can also check out outlets like Graphic. Most likely you've amassed a collection of digital comics through other nefarious means such as teleportation or the whole download from a skeevy website business, so we're going to implement a don't ask don't policy in hopes of harboring a community of do-gooders instead of hoarders.

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You end up with the same contents bundled up in a different way. So while you get a compressed package of joy no matter what you end up with, the reason you want CBZ and CBR files is that they give comic readers to do cool things like read page orders. If it's a good comic reader, it'll be smart enough to reverse page order so you can read the comic Manga or American style back-to-front or front-to-back.

Comical and FFView are most likely the old school solutions you're likely to come across when perusing comic software for the Mac. ComicBookLover might be the most appealing option here since there's consistency between the desktop, iPhone , and iPad versions. While I don't want to cover iPad options just yet, know these options are available if you want to bank on a holistic experience. Bitcartel's desktop app is pretty badass because it's comprehensive in helping fanatics manage their comic addiction with a suite of simple editing tools, dual monitor support, and a full screen mode for the most intimate of reading sessions.

You pay for what you get, but I personally like Simple Comic. With features like the image loupe and full screen thumbnail view, I've had no problems in enjoying a bit of space nerdery on my 13" MacBook. You can't argue with the price of free to give the software a spin, but I highly recommend you pass along a donation to at least acknowledge your comic cravings. Comics for iPad. If you're a savvy comic book reader, most likely you've been looking at how to get Batman onto that 10" display.

If you want the comic app that has it all, you need to download Comics. GVT gives you the ability to shift panel from panel instead of page to page, removing the possibility to ruin spoilers for those with wandering eyes. Swiping through an issue was a smooth transition from page to page. Madefire is an up-and-coming best-seller when it comes to reading comics on your iPhone or iPad. You can also grab 24 issues from Valiant, all beginning at the start of a variety of series, as well as a select few issues from Madefire and DC.

The organization of the library is fairly standard. Issues can be sorted either alphabetically or by the original date of download.

The normal reader is simple to use: A display of each page runs along the bottom of the screen, and swiping or tapping on either side of the page either progresses the story or moves back through it. The one big option missing is customizable reading settings, though, which is a disappointment. Making up for that lack, however, is a feature exclusive to Madefire—one that helps it stand above competitors. Characters, scenery, weapons, and more are slightly animated.

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  5. Some scenes in particular allow readers to drag the viewpoint around to see more within an image. Madefire has even begun creating original content for both its Motion Comics and normal issues by partnering with some of the biggest names in the comic industry, like Stan Lee, Dave Gibbons, and Bill Sienkiewicz.

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    6. The iPad as a comic-book reader. Comics by Comixology brings comic store to iPhone. Hands on with Marvel's new subscription comics app. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view.