Toast titanium for mac os x 10.4

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If you have really large files or folders to index—stuff that would occupy more than a single CD or DVD—Toast can manage it with the ability to span multiple discs. Toast installs a small restore utility on each disc, so you can restore files without needing Toast.

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Just as with Toast 6, Roxio includes the full version of Deja Vu, a utility from Propaganda Software that can help manage automated backups as well. Toast 7 makes it possible to create a hybrid CD or DVD that shows platform-specific content, so you not only can customize how your disc will look but also what software and data will be visible to Windows and Mac users alike.

Popcorn makes it easy to copy discs—it can even compress the video contents of dual-layer discs to fit on a less expensive single-layer recordable DVD.

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  • First Look: Roxio Toast 9 Titanium.

The quality of soundtracks and voice tracks remains pristine. You can ignore extra language tracks to save some space. This feature makes Toast eat staggering amounts of disc space, at least temporarily.

Roxio recommends having 15GB free in order for the program to have enough caching space for compressing the contents of your disc. DivX is quite popular on the Internet, used in downloadable movies and supported by some commercial DVD players.

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DivX 6 Pro provides you with everything to watch and encode DivX videos. Now Roxio has teamed up with Realeyez Imaging to introduce custom interfaces. This gives your Toast projects an iDVD-style look and feel. Roxio also includes a still image slideshow-building utility called Motion Pictures HD, which enables you to create better looking slideshows than what you can make using iPhoto.

You can also specify a widescreen aspect ratio. PlayStation 3 owners should look out for a 9.

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  5. Roxio has also addeed TV streaming and some new editing features in Toast 9 Titanium. Included with this release is a program called Streamer that lets you stream video in Toast 9 Titanium to a Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPod touch over your network and over the Internet. Roxio added TiVo support in the last version of Toast, and Streamer helps extend that.

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    That stream is password-protected, and Toast handles the video conversion locally. A built-in editor lets you crop and trim video content as well, so you can excise commercials, for example. Speaking of Elgato, its Turbo. Toast 9 Titanium now features the ability to pause and resume video encoding as well, if you need to free up your CPU temporarily for other tasks.