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Tell it to "Show all file extensions". Close it, and drag the pictures from the CD to the Desktop.

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Press return to edit the filename of a selected picture. Do you remember the original format?

If so, here's a quick guide: - If it is. Hopefully, you get the picture.

Hopefully, this should solve your dilemna. Any suggestions? First of all, I apologize it has taken several days to reply--I was not aware that this post was still going! If not, you are getting your picture files into a mess. Also, you may want to verify the CD you burned, if you still experiencing issues. My advice is that if you are burning in Windows, press the Windows logo key and hold it, then press R.

Type in control folders, and press enter. In the second tab of the Folder Options dialog box, check "Show extensions for known file types" and click OK. Someone told me I need to get these files back on to a G3 in order to read them and then copy to a CD instead of a thumb drive! I never tried renaming them though.

Thanks, grafixrj. Start a discussion.

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And I know the contents of these files are text, words arranged sequentially to tell stories, not code. Somehow they were converted to EXEs and I need to change them back. Open it in Word. If Word can't read it, then you have an unknown format and its impossible for anyone to guess it without seeing it. Compressed self extracting exe files?

unix executable file converter

Could you upload a representative file, to e. That would be preferable however if not, then at the least, you need to run the following commands in a Terminal and add the output to your question. Then do, cat filename head -c 8 xxd -p. Continued in next comment You can batch convert the documents in the same manner by using a wildcard an asterisk , e.

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